Georgia Mom Loses Necklace With Daughter's Ashes At Disney During Princess Half Marathon

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 6th March 2018

Chasity Foster and her husband Chris participated in this year's Disney Princess half marathon to honor their daughter Shaylin, 19, who tragically lost her life last month in a car accident. Foster during the time of marathon was wearing a pendant, holding her daughter's ashes but unfortunately lost it during the competition. The devastated mom says, losing the necklace feels like she lost her daughter again and appealed to strangers to help her find the pendant.

#1 Mom Ran In Disney Marathon To Honor Her Late Daughter

A Georgia mom, who ran on 10th anniversary Disney Princess half marathon claims she lost her pendant containing her late daughter's ashes, during the marathon. Chasity Foster, a teacher by profession lost her daughter Shaylin last month in a car crash. Foster's daughter was a high school senior who just got accepted into a college and planned to pursue biomedical engineering with a dream to make prosthetics for children.


#2 Shaylin Loved To Run And Took Part In All Sorts Of Activites With Her Mother

The heartbroken mom talking about her late daughter told KMTV Digital Producer Veronica Beltran over the phone, "She was a very fast runner. She was involved in soccer, cross country and track." Foster says she and her late daughter would participate in a number of marathons including the Disney marathon.

#3 Foster Says Her Daughter Had Already Signed Up For The Disney Fairy Tale Challenge

Foster revealed this year they had signed up for the Disney Fairy Tale Challenge, previously known as the Glass Slipper challenge, — which involves a 19.3-mile magical adventure in two days including the Disney Princess Enchanted 10K and the 10th Anniversary Disney Princess Half Marathon.


#4 Shaylin's Dad Ran In His Daughter's Place Wearing Her Anna Costume

Foster says she was in doubt of attending the marathon but her daughter's best friend asked Foster, what if Shaylin wanted this? "What if Shaylin would have wanted us to?" she knew they would, in fact, be heading to Florida for the race to run in her honor.

Shaylin's dad Chris ran in his daughter's place, wearing her Princess Anna costume. Foster says, her daughter's remains are very dear to her, she was hesitant in wearing the pendant because she was afraid of losing it. But she needed the strength and feeling her daughter's presence made it all a little bit better for her. "I had my husband double check to make sure the necklace was on properly because I didn’t want it to fall off. During mile three, I realized the necklace was missing. It’s devastating to lose any child and then to lose the necklace I started freaking out."

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