Girl Born Without A Face Becomes An Inspiration

Posted by Muk Khatri in Feel Good On 17th December 2016

Juliana Wetmore was born without 40% of her facial bones. She has Treacher Collins Syndrome, which made her face deformed. But this brave girl teaches us an important lesson about beauty and it's so inspiring.

#1 Meet Julia

Juliana Wetmore was born without 40% of her facial bones, something that doctors almost never see in a newborn. And while her parents were shocked to find out their young daughters condition, they never gave up hope that she could lead a normal life.


#2 Treacher Collins

Julia's condition is Treacher Collins Syndrome, which causes her face to deform and form a shape different from the the rest of us.


4 months before the due date, mother Tammy was devastated to learn that her daughter would have a disability. Julia faced eating, hearing and breathing problems as well...


#4 An Inspiration

Each day Julia proves that she is a fighter, proving doctors wrong with each improvement she makes. Julia's parents realized there was a special reason she was born looking different than others, and that's to inspire everyone to treat those who are different with respect and kindness. Just because Julia doesn't look like others doesn't mean she shouldn't be loved and celebrated each day!

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