Girl’s Post Photo On Social Media, Forget About The MASSIVE Sex Toy Behind Them

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 9th September 2015


In 2015, it doesn't take much for something to go viral, so when I originally saw this photo, I knew exactly where it was heading.

However, a few days on and it's still going strong, and while I originally didn't want to touch the subject whatsoever, I just can't avoid it at this point.

Basically, the story goes that the girls in the picture had no clue that there was a monster behind them. And by monster, I mean MASSIVE double-ended fisting rubber sex toy.


Since appearing on twitter, the photo has pretty much been the most talked about thing on Reddit and Imgur racking up over 3 million views on the latter. The amount of times it has been retweeted onto my timeline is outrageous. I now know every single inch of that thing, which is probably the wrong wording.

Anyway, let this be a lesson to those of you who don't take your surroundings into consideration when posting photos to millions of people who live and breathe on the internet. They will spot it. They will repost it.

Here are one or two GIFs that summarise my reaction when I first saw it:

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