Gofundme Account For Bullied Kid Keaton Suspended Due To This Twist In The Story.

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Heartbreaking On 15th December 2017

Everyone on the social media is showing rage after seeing the video of an eleven year old kid being bullied. It sure shatters our heart but it seems like there is another side of the story too. Read it yourself.

Bullying is the act of sick people!

You never know that your words can seriously break someone's heart into tiny pieces and can break them emotionally. First of all what is bullying? The dictionary definition of bullying is “the use of strength or power frighten or hurt weaker people.”

But it isn't necessary that the person who is being bullied is weak. That's the frightening thing about bullying that it can even hurt strong and confident people and can make them really depressed. So what about these little kids who are constantly being bullied in their schools. It's their developing age and it can really affect their personality making them terrible people in the future.

It's ruining their personality. So bullying needs to be stopped on urgent basis! Keaton Jones is not only representing himself but he is also representing the other hundreds of thousands of students who are facing this silently. It is said that every one of two people are being bullied who are under the age of 25.


The video went viral!

So his mom made a video of him telling the whole world what it feels not to belong anywhere!

The video was very powerful and heart wrenching!


Many famous celebrities came forward supporting the kid.

Snoopdog gave Keaton a sweet message saying love is the only way to beat hate.


Mark Ruffalo

It seems like Keaton is the personal super hero of Mark Ruffalo!

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