Good News For All Men With Baby Cheeks, Beard Transplants Are Now Possible

By Suzanne in Science and Technology On 16th October 2015

#1 Wanna get rid of those baby cheeks and grow some manly bushes?

#2 Hair transplants would create these obvious tufts in perfect rows.

And so, even a beard transplant would look obvious!

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#4 But things are far different now!

As newer methods of hair transplant began to be innovated, it became possible to increase the choice of where to have the hair transplanted! And now, it's finally at that stage where it's possible to grow an artificial, neatly crafted beard!

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#5 In fact, things are probably far more than just 'far different'!

A surgeon has been reported saying that he does about 3 beard transplants every week! It's clear that beard transplants have become extremely popular! With increased options of where to transplant the hair, we're probably going to start seeing a lot of hairy people now!

H/T WittyFeed