Google Tricks And Shortcuts That Will Make Your Daily Life Much Easier

Posted by Michael Avery in Science and Technology

We all know that, as a search engine, Google can get us the answer to almost anything we ask. But the company's worked very hard in recent years to not just give us the information, but give it to us in the most useful way possible.

So rather than running a search and having Google give you results, let Google do the thinking and research for you with these awesome tips for using the site.

It’s getting closer and closer to becoming a personal assistant, and the best part is…it’s free!


Rain or shine

Of course the weather is always available at your fingers tips as well. You can search for your own city for an hourly or weekly forecast. Or see what type of weather cities on other continents are having!


Don't stiff your server

Don't look bad in front of your friends by being a bad tipper. No one likes a bad tipper. Alleviate any stress about what you should leave on the table with Google's handy "tip calculator."



Everyone is working on their health after the new year. One helpful resource is your Google search bar. You can type in any food vs. another meal and find out each ones nutritional facts and calorie count. Impressive!


Get the inside scoop

Have you ever wondered the history or background of your favorite brands? You can find out all about a company simply by typing their name into Google.

Sunrise, sunset

We aren't sure why anyone ever really needs the exact times of the sunrise or sunset, but hey, Google can help with that! Even if you're curious about the times for a city, or even another country, other than your own.



Don't worry about burning dinner with this amazing Google feature. You can set your own alarm just by typing it in to the search bar! "Set timer for blank" is all you have to type, and then you can set it and forget it. Until it goes off of course.


Game it up

Have some time to kill? Play a blast from the past by typing in "Atari Breakout" into Google search. Chances are you haven't played this game in years and totally forgot how much fun it is.

Movie buffs, rejoice

You can settle a lot of bets at parties with this feature. Find out the release date of any movie by typing in the title, plus "release date."


Get some new tunes

If you're feeling a little stagnant with your musical taste, use Google to explore. You can find out about other songs your favorite artists sing, or go out on a limb and search for someone you've never listened to before and try them out.


More games!

Breakout isn't the only game you can play through Google. Another fun option is "Zerg Rush" and to play it, you just have to type its name into the search bar!


There are some tricky and totally nonsense conversions out there that are just impossible to remember. Don't you fret though, because Google has got your back! Type in the amount of inches, quarts, kilometers, or whatever in with what you need them converted to, and you'll have your answer in no time.

Episode Guide

If you're searching for that one favorite episode of yours, but can't remember what season it's from, Google can help with that. You can type in the name of a show plus "episodes" to see the entire outline, season by season.


Perfect for date night

If you need to find out what movies are playing near you, Google is perfect for that! All you have to search is movies near your city, and a list of current flicks will pop right up.


Are you curious about other works a favorite author of yours has written? You can simply type in "books by blank" and see the entire catalog of a specific writer. It's that simple!


Google is pretty darn good at translating words and sentences into other languages. If you're in a bind, you simply type in which language to what and a translation box will be the first result.