Google Tricks And Shortcuts That Will Make Your Daily Life Much Easier

Posted by Michael Avery in Science and Technology On 15th January 2017

We all know that, as a search engine, Google can get us the answer to almost anything we ask. But the company's worked very hard in recent years to not just give us the information, but give it to us in the most useful way possible.

So rather than running a search and having Google give you results, let Google do the thinking and research for you with these awesome tips for using the site.

It’s getting closer and closer to becoming a personal assistant, and the best part is…it’s free!

Rain or shine

Of course the weather is always available at your fingers tips as well. You can search for your own city for an hourly or weekly forecast. Or see what type of weather cities on other continents are having!


Don't stiff your server

Don't look bad in front of your friends by being a bad tipper. No one likes a bad tipper. Alleviate any stress about what you should leave on the table with Google's handy "tip calculator."


Everyone is working on their health after the new year. One helpful resource is your Google search bar. You can type in any food vs. another meal and find out each ones nutritional facts and calorie count. Impressive!


Get the inside scoop

Have you ever wondered the history or background of your favorite brands? You can find out all about a company simply by typing their name into Google.

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