Gorilla Holds Her Dead Baby For A Week And Still Tries To Wakes Him Up !

By Editorial Staff in Nature On 20th September 2015


Dian, a western lowland female gorilla at the Frankfurt Zoo in Germany, is devotedly carrying her newly born twin babies around in her enclosure.

However, one of the infants is dead.


Dian gave birth on September 15 without any complications. But immediately thereafter, one of the newborns began to rapidly decline.

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The baby died on 15th Sep at Frankfurt zoo..

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Gorilla in pain of her dead baby.


Heart broken mother cradles dead baby as she walks up to camera.


Another gorilla holding the dead baby in pain.


Niekisch explains that the zoo is allowing Dian, aged 26, to carry the dead infant around with her rather than force her to give officials the baby.


By looking at this case Niekisch said "We are letting nature take its course"


"The mother-infant bond in primate species is quite strong, and it is not uncommon for a mother to carry a deceased infant for hours or even days,"


This is the second gorilla mother at the Frankfurt Zoo who has noticeably carried around her deceased infant.


Gorilla mother holding her dead baby for 2 days.


Gorilla mother sitting at the corner of the zoo with her babies.


It is a heartrending scene for the zoo visitors.