Grace Charis Fans Rejoice As She Goes Braless For Return To Instagram

By maks in Sports On 19th February 2024

After a brief period of silence that left everyone wondering, Grace Charis returned to the spotlight.

She delighted her fans with a bold new photo and a video clip showcasing her golf skills.

On her return, the social media sensation opted for a daring look, hitting the golf course in a tiny top without a bra and a short white skirt.

In addition to her striking outfit, she also posted a video clip capturing a moment where she expertly scored a hole in one, much to the admiration of her fans.

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The reintroduction of Grace to her social media platforms was met with enthusiasm, as evidenced by the combined 57,000 likes from her extensive following of 2.5 million on Instagram.

Grace announced her return with a playful message: "I'm back. Been a while crocodile."

Grace Charis returned to social media after a long absence Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis
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Grace deleted all of her photos and videos on social media Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis
Grace left very little to imagination on her social media return Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

Her followers were quick to express their excitement in the comments section, celebrating her return.

A fan expressed their admiration, saying: "Looking yummy as ever."

Another follower warmly welcomed her back, commenting: "She's so back."

Curiosity about her absence was voiced by another, who inquired: "Where were you?!?!!"

A fan couldn't hide their astonishment at her impact, joking: "Damnnn you got 2.5 mil off one posttttt."

Another simply stated: "Missed you!" to show their appreciation for her return.


Grace is well-known for her bold fashion choices on the golf course, often flirting with the edge of social media guidelines and the risk of being banned from golf courses due to her provocative attire.

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Grace boasts a strong following on Instagram, with 2.5 million people tuned into her content.

Grace has 2.5million followers on Instagram Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

She frequently impresses her audience with her outfit selections, each more stunning than the last.

She often wows fans with her outfits Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

Grace proudly holds the title among her followers as their 'favorite golf girl'

Grace is self-proclaimed to be people's 'favorite golf girl' Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

Grace is a frequent figure on the golf course, where she's often spotted perfecting her game and sharing her passion for golf with her followers.

She can often be seen on the golf course Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

Besides her love for golf, Grace enjoys spending her time vacationing in picturesque locations, sharing these moments with her fans.

She also enjoys going on holiday Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

Her fans consistently praise her, often calling her 'beautiful' in admiration of her posts and her presence on social media.

Fans often hail her as 'beautiful' Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis
Grace is known for pushing the boundaries on social media Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

Grace is celebrated for her willingness to push the boundaries on social media with her content.

When not showcasing her skills on the green, Grace can be seen posing in bikinis, adding a variety of content for her followers.

Grace also poses in a bikini when she's not in the green Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

In the realm of golf influencers, Grace has been touted as a rival to Paige Spiranac, adding an element of friendly competition to their online presence.

Grace has been described as Paige Spiranac's rival Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis