Grace Charis Sends Fans Into Meltdown In Figure-Hugging Golf Outfit

By maks in Sports On 22nd February 2024

The social media sensation caused quite a stir among her followers with a form-fitting one-piece showcased in her newest video.

In the footage, Grace is seen perfecting her golf swing, taking several shots around the green. 

The choice of a skimpy blue outfit, which she wore without a bra, boldly showcased her legs and left very little to the imagination, making quite the statement on the golf course.

Accompanying the video, Grace playfully captioned it with: "Let's go golfing," inviting her audience into her golfing world.

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Grace Charis sent her fans into meltdown with her latest Instagram post Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis
The social media star stunned in a figure-hugging golf outfit Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis
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The comment section under the post quickly filled with admirers gushing over the look. 

One fan exclaimed: "Super stunning," unable to contain their admiration. 

Another echoed the sentiment of surprise and curiosity, asking: "What course allows you to wear that?" 

Yet another follower was captivated by the outfit's impact, commenting: "That outfit just hits different." 


And another fan was left almost speechless, simply stating: "Oh my goodness."

Grace Charis has built a substantial following on social media, boasting 2.6 million followers on Instagram alone.

Grace left her followers asking 'what course allows you to wear that?' Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis
She showed off her swing on the green in the video Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

She's known for sharing eye-catching snapshots from the golf course, often pushing the boundaries with her bold and provocative fashion choices, which occasionally flirt with the risk of social media restrictions.

Despite her online popularity, Grace recently decided to step back from Instagram, mysteriously deleting all her photos and videos.

This hiatus left her fans wondering about her sudden absence.

However, after a brief period away from the spotlight, Grace made a notable return to the platform last week.

Her comeback post, which featured her going braless once again, had her followers lavishing her with compliments, calling her "yummy as ever" and celebrating her return to Instagram with great enthusiasm.

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Grace has successfully built a massive online following, boasting an impressive 2.6 million followers on Instagram.

Grace has amassed 2.6million Instagram followers Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

After deciding to take a brief hiatus from Instagram, Grace made a much-anticipated return.

Her short break away from the social media platform had her followers eagerly waiting for her comeback.

She recently returned from a short break away from the platform Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

On a regular basis, Grace delights her audience with a mix of racy and glamorous photographs.

Her Instagram feed is a curated collection of moments that showcase her lifestyle and fashion choices.

Grace regularly treats her fans to racy and glamorous snaps Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

Apart from her presence on the golf course, Grace enjoys spending time under the sun in various scenic locations.

She frequently shares snapshots of her leisurely moments spent away from the greens.

She is no stranger to soaking up the sun away from the golf course Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

Her choice of daring and risqué outfits has consistently captured the attention of her fans.

Grace's fashion sense and the outfits she chooses to wear have become a talking point among her followers.

Her risqué outfits have caught the eye of her fans Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis

Most recently, Grace took some time to unwind with a relaxing trip to the beach.

This getaway was a perfect opportunity for her to take a break and enjoy some serene moments by the sea.

Grace recently relaxed on a trip to the beach Credit: Instagram / @itsgracecharis