Grandma Celebrating Her 94th Birthday Becomes Viral For Making A Very Unique Wish

Posted by Sama in Funny On 13th March 2020

On her 94th birthday celebrations, Grandma Kidder thanks everyone for the wishes and with a grumpy face she wishes that this is her last birthday.


#1 Family gathered to celebrate their grandma's 94th birthday

When Pauline Kay gathered her family members to celebrate her grandma's 94th birthday they were not expecting her to make a surprising and not so pleasant wish. “Happy birthday, dear grandma Kidder,” the family sings in a video Pauline posted to her TikTok, “happy birthday to you.”

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#2 "I hope this is my last"

Before even grandma could blow the candles on her cake, she thanked everyone for wishing her and announced, “Well, thank you very much. I hope this is my last,” and goes to take a sip of water.

Standing behind her Pauline's jaw dropped with shock.


#3 Video has gone viral on social media

Ever since it has been posted, the video has gone viral and has garnered 2.8 million views and has become viral on other social media platforms. “Granny said she SICK OF IT LMAOOO,” one Twitter user commented, reposting the video to over 305,000 likes.


#4 “If ‘I hate it here’ was a person’ ”

Another one commented, “Capricorn, Scorpio and Aquarius when you try to do nice things for them.”

One person commented, “If ‘I hate it here’ was a person’ ”

#5 Grandma Kidder is doing fine

In a folllow-up video, Pauline performed an honorary birthday dance for her grandma who was sitting behind her and enjoying the performance. Pauline told the fans that despite the death wish, “she’s doing just fine.”