Grandson Sets Up Home Beauty Salon For Grandma, 87, To Style Her Hair When Unable To Go To Her Regular One

By Abdul Rafay in Feel Good On 15th January 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us how crucial it is to value and demonstrate our love for our family members. Our daily routines were interrupted, and for some people, it was harder to adapt to what the "new normal" for the entire world was.

For Florida resident Matthew Stewart, who had to stay at home for a few months owing to quarantine procedures, nothing would have made him happier than to see his 87-year-old grandmother Bobbe smiling. He wanted to ensure that his grandmother didn't feel uncomfortable during her stay at home because they were so close.

Grandma Bobbe and his grandfather took care of Matthew for most of his early years. He acknowledges that his grandma is "more like a mother to me than a grandmother" as a result.

Matthew, like many others who were stuck at home during the pandemic, used social media to pass the time. He made a TikTok account and began posting videos of himself and Grandma Bobbe having fun together at home.

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Matthew and grandma Bobbe gained over a million fans on TikTok after uploading videos of their fun activities there for several months. While they have had innumerable moments together, one, in particular, drew people's attention because of how well-thought-out and kind it was.

Grandma Bobbe had been visiting the local beauty parlor for thirty years before to the outbreak. She used to go there every week to get her hair done, but for months she wasn't able to due to pandemic restrictions.

It was emotionally impacting her, according to Matthew, who stated: "She [was] kind of get getting down, getting a little depressed because she didn't have her usual salon day."

Matthew decided to bring the salon to her and gave it his best effort in effort to make his grandmother happy once more. Grandma Bobbe is overjoyed with the hairstyle he gave her after blow-drying, curling, and washing it. For the ultimate VIP treatment, he even provided her with a drink!

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Even though Matthew had no prior expertise in styling hair for women or working for a salon, he made every effort to please his grandmother. His grandma's "I love it" response at the conclusion was all the approval he could have hoped for.

Matthew captured the entire event and shared it with his happy followers, who couldn't help but compliment Matthew for lifting his grandmother's spirits during a difficult time by making her look and feel good.

They eventually came up with the moniker "Fresh Fluff Wednesday" for the salon day.

Grandma Bobbe was questioned about the thoughtful thing her grandson had done for her after the video of their salon day at home went viral. She commented: "It was special. It was a special time and a special man. I love my grandson so much."

Grandma Bobbe loved "salon day," so Matthew decided to keep doing it once a week. Eventually, they came up with the term "Fresh Fluff Wednesday" to describe it.

Bobbe responded, "He made me beautimous," when asked how Matthew had made her feel. Since then, Matthew has continued to use the term to refer to his grandmother, but he now says it with a special twist: "Beautimus."

The hardest thing Matthew had to go through was the unfortunate death of grandma Bobbe in 2021. However, he took solace in the knowledge that he was able to offer his grandmother the best two years of her life because they shared so many precious memories during their time together when she lived with him.

A small portion of the great life grandma Bobbe shared with her grandson was "Fresh Fluff Wednesday." They shared a great deal of time and created priceless memories doing things they both loved. What a precious, unique bond!