Groundbreaking Penis Transplants Offer Hope To Injured Soldiers

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Science and Technology On 30th January 2018

Human organ and tissue transplants have really advanced over the years. One could get anything from a heart transplant to a face transplant, nowadays. Our medical industry is always evolving. One specific group that can benefit from these kinds of life-changing transplants are the men and women who come back from defending our country with devastating injuries.


Advances in Medicine

Medicine has made some serious advances when it comes to organ and tissue transplants over the years. It is almost as if the medical industry is entering the sci-fi realm.



We have all seen the horrific and devastating photographs of male soldiers who have lost their legs from the waist down. They are downright heartbreaking. After seeing those photographs, most of us can honestly say that we never even considered the kind of damage that might have been done to their genitals.



We probably do not think of the possibility of those kinds of injuries because they are not visibly clear as the loss of an arm or a leg. Maybe we just don't wonder about a genital injury out of respect since genitourinary injuries are just not talked about.

Since sex plays a major role in any loving relationship, an injury like this can have a very negative effect on a man's mentality and create a strain between him and his partner. It is human nature.

They will be the first.

There is one group of doctors, however, who are optimistic that they can bring back some hope to these soldiers. The surgeons at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine will be the ones to make the first attempt at a penis transplant.


High Hopes

If their first trials at penis transplantation are successful, the surgeons believe that the recipients will regain urinary function, sensation, and the ability to have sex. This also means that these men will still have a chance to father children and start families with their loved ones. This kind of surgery is so life-changing that it will literally mean that new life can be brought into this world.

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