Guy Looks Out Window And Sees Someone Having A Blast With His Dog's Plushie Dinosaur

By Khadija Pervez in Animals On 1st December 2023

Meet Blaze, an affectionate pup with a fondness for toys. He has quite a collection, but his dearest is a pink plushie dinosaur that he proudly parades as his most cherished possession.

“Blaze is the type of dog who carries around his toys like trophies,” Reddit user Itsssean, Blaze’s owner, told The Dodo. 

Reddit / itssean

“If he’s greeting you or gets excited about something, he’s rushing to grab a toy first.”

However, it seems that Blaze is not the only one who has a thing for toys.

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Reddit / itssean

One day, while at home with Blaze, Itsssean noticed something in the backyard. Blaze had momentarily left his dinosaur toy on the patio as he went inside to eat breakfast — but it didn't stay alone for long. 


It turns out, a local squirrel had spotted the unattended toy and decided to have a go with it herself.

“I peeked out back, and that’s when I realized what was happening,” Itsssean said. 

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Reddit / itssean

“It was the first time I had ever seen something like this.”

The squirrel was thoroughly enjoying herself, and this playful scene continued for a while.

Interestingly, Blaze didn't seem bothered at all by the squirrel frolicking with his beloved dinosaur. 

After all, he wasn't using it at that moment.


“You can tell what a sweet dog Blaze is by the fact that he’s eating and minding his own business, even though there’s a critter playing with his toy outside,” Itsssean said. 

“That kind of tells you everything you need to know about him.”