Guy Told He’d Won $1.2 Million From “Mark Zuckerberg” Has A Hilariously Savage Response

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Funny On 18th August 2018

One of the more annoying aspects of the internet is the number of scammers lurking and ready to pounce. There are many variations of the ruse, but they're all scams, and we usually just delete them and move on to the next thing in our inbox. After all, there's no point in replying to the emails, is there? One guy decided to turn the tables and scam the scammer.

Received message

Tom Sheerin from Liverpool, England, received a Facebook message from a man named Michael Austin.


Waste scammer time

Tom had a couple of hours to spare, so he thought he'd waste a couple of hours of the scammer's time. Because why not?

Tom wrote, sharing screenshots of the hilarious exchange:

"Decided to have a little fun with someone trying to scam me on Facebook, kept him busy for about 2 hours."



It all started after a man named Michael Austin said a simple "Hello" to Tom Sheerin from Liverpool.

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