Guy Was Slammed Online For His Misogynistic Actions In Testing His Girlfriend To See If She Is 'Wife Material'

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Life Style On 21st May 2018

To see if his girlfriend was actually 'wife material' he came up with an idea to give her a test by leaving his kitchen dirty to see if she would clean the mess up.


Musician VJ a.k.a. The Liveman is being criticized on Twitter for putting his girlfriend through the “ultimate test. Why? Because he wanted to see if she was 'wife type'.


He Intentionally Left his kitchen uncleaned to test his girlfriend

He invited his girl over to his place for the first time, he wanted to see if she would clean up his pigsty house on his behalf.


Taking to Twitter, he said:

"I invited my girlfriend for the first time ever at my place & I was extremely disappointed, to be honest, she came this morning & left without even washing dishes let alone some cleaning. I thought this one was actually wife material but she entirely failed this girlfriend test."

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