Hailey Bieber Won’t Stop Showing Off Her Undies in Paris

By Abdul Rafay in Fashion Published On 4th October 2023

Hailey Bieber took a flight to Paris without her pants.

Getty Images

Just kidding, the 26-year-old model is embracing the trend of not wearing trousers during Paris Fashion Week.


She kicked off her fashionable journey with an ensemble of underwear and tights on September 26.

In one picture, she's leaving the Costes restaurant, wearing a form-fitting beige turtleneck and black Petar Petrov "hot pants" that resemble high-waisted underwear.

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Completing her look was her go-to black leather duster jacket, leggings, and a belt with a gold buckle that matched her golden jewelry.


Hailey's makeup remained flawless, and she styled her hair in her trademark ballerina bun.


Later that evening, at the Saint Laurent spring-summer 2024 show, Hailey Bieber sat next to Austin Butler.

She wore a full-length black dress that covered everything except her hands, feet, and back muscles, prominently displayed against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower.

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It's worth noting that this outfit resembled the white turtleneck Saint Laurent dress she wore at a friend's wedding in June.

Marc Piasecki

However, Bieber revealed that this look was more intricate than what was captured by Getty Images.

She gave her 50.7 million Instagram followers a peek at her matching black thong, cleverly hidden among a slideshow of event photos.

Since at least December 2022, Hailey Bieber has been a proponent of the exposed-thong trend, and it seems she's still enjoying it.


This trend highlights the importance of upgrading your underwear drawer. With the no-pants trend, exposed thongs, and even men's boxers making waves on Pinterest boards.

Hailey's fearless fashion choices continue to turn heads and spark conversations.

From her daring ensembles to her bold promotion of the exposed-thong trend.


Her influence in the world of fashion remains significant.

She confidently embraces unconventional styles and inspires others to do the same.

Whether or not you follow in her fashion footsteps, Hailey Bieber's impact on the fashion scene is undeniable.

She keeps us guessing and adds an element of surprise to every appearance.