Hair Experiment Disasters That Will Prove To Be Your Worst Nightmare

Posted by Sama in Funny On 28th March 2020

#1 When all you want is some cool balayage

Reddit | TheSoulOfTheRose
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#2 The moment when you lose all faith in professional salons

Instagram | @randall_414_

#3 It is really tragic when bangs go wrong

Reddit | majesticedge

#4 When the hairdresser is as clueless as you are


#5 Omg this is like the worst nightmare come true

Instagram | @kenjii16

#6 The idea was bad since the beginning. So no shocker here.

Reddit | illbeige

#7 When you pay $627 for balayage and end up looking like a goldfish

Reddit | eraser_dust

#8 At least it is not permanent

Reddit | Yugen9x

#9 Okay admit or not this hairstyle failure is hilarious

Reddit | Bramflake

#10 The award for the worst hair color failure of the century definitely goes to this lady.

Instagram | @hannaroseelarson

#11 Better luck next time mate

Reddit | Smkthtsht

#12 Uh-oh

Reddit | MintBB

#13 When you expect a vibrant hair dye and end up looking like this

Reddit | romanticat

#14 Too bad to even put in words

Reddit | MsDyn0mite

#15 Feeling sad for the girl

Reddit | Ivey_Mom

#16 Perfect depiction of things going wrong in life

Instagram | @afunafun_

#17 The lady must have gone bananas after seeing this disaster on her head

Instagram | @hairbyashtonm

#18 When things go south with your expectations

Instagram | @lysa_loyce

#19 This is an EMERGENCY situation

Instagram | @macabremingo

#20 Poor girl, looks like someone puked on her hair

Instagram | @helplesswhilstdrying

#21 Cannot even cry because this is so funny

Reddit | eimichan

#22 A real emotional roller coaster ride if this is true

Reddit | ThatGuyTheyCallAlex

#23 This picture is a mystery for all of us

Reddit | bunhutch

#24 When in an effort to go blond, your bleach goes terribly wrong

Reddit | carli_snyder