Have You Ever Thought About Why Dogs Always Pee On Car Tires!

Posted by Editorial Staff in Nature and Travel On 8th February 2017

Even if you don’t have a pet, you’ve definitely seen this strange phenomenon out there on the streets. Let's see the reason behind this.



Everyone like to have their signature the same happen in case of dogs. Whether you have a pet or not, you have definitely seen this strange act of them. They have like to have their signature made on largest.

We always notice a dog who will be spotted doing survey of a tire, chilling around it for a bit, then taking smell briefly and finally raising a leg and the deed is done! Dog pees.


Why Tyres?

Dogs prefer going for vertical level targets before taking aim. And a tire fits well in that category, just like a bench or a bush. Not only is it placed at a convenient level, it also allows dogs to leave their scent at ‘nose height’ for other dogs.

Dogs are extremely territorial animal. Marking territory is all part of their social game.


To Mark Their Territory

Every dog likes to mark its territory by urinating on the spot. This is the way they leave behind a scent for other dogs. It helps them to reclaim and mark their area more effectively.

A tyre with a new smell is like not marked before, so a dog will want to mark it.

Also, the car tyre may have been marked by other dogs, hence it can be marking again to re-assert ownership.

Another Reason

Another reason why this works is because the scent lasts much longer on a vertical surface as compared to a horizontal one.

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