Have You Heard of Mike the Headless Chicken?

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 20th November 2013

Mike, the miracle chicken, broke all boundaries in the year 1945 in Colorado. His owner, Lloyd in an attempt to kill him for dinner, managed to miss cutting off most of his brain and left ear. This kept Mike alive and clucking for the next two years or so. This chicken became world famous in a matter of months and even got a Guinness World Record for it!




Mike was born an ordinary chicken, as ordinary as one can get. His story however, changed from plain average to mind blowing extraordinary. In Colorado 1945, his owner and farmer Lloyd Olsen, decided that he wanted chicken for dinner. Lloyd went through the killing as usual. Instead of killing him for good, he not only missed all the right spots, but to Mike’s luck, managed to leave most of his brain stem and left ear on, which created a blood clot that kept him alive and kicking for the next two years! Isn’t that freakishly awesome?! The University of Utah was the first to find out about this freak incident.


Mike and his owner Lloyd Olsen posing for people who came to see his headless living body.


Unsurprisingly, the scientists were blown out of their minds and did all they could to know more about his case. From that moment on, Mike the headless chicken, became a star. People from all over wanted to take a look at the feathery masterpiece. Lloyd promised from then on to take as much care of him as he could ever do possible. He fed Mike grain and water with an eye dropper and after some time found out that he had even gained weight! Imagine that?



Mike, walking around like any ordinary chicken.






Many had attempted cruelly in making another headless Mike, but none succeeded. Mike, the miracle chicken however lived for a further, full 2 years of life. He will always be the chicken that cheated death even without a face!