Hawaiian Police Officers Investigated By FBI After Being Accused Of Forcing A Man To Place His Mouth On A Public Urinal

Posted by Sama in News On 6th February 2018

Four officers have been accused of civil rights abuse as it is reported that the officers allegedly forced a man to place his mouth on a public urinal inside a public restroom. Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard says if the allegations turn out to be true regarding the alleged misconduct then the case violets the core values of the Police department and those involved in the scandal will be punished accordingly.

#1 Forcing A Man To Place His Mouth On A Public Urinal

It has been reported that four Honolulu police officers who are accused of forcing a man to place his mouth on a urinal inside a public restroom are being investigated by FBI. The suspected misconduct was reported by another officer after a complaint was lodged by a person trespassing the restroom on Sunday afternoon.


#2 Appalled By The Behavior

Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard said, "If true, these allegations violate the core values the HPD stands for. Our officers are sworn to uphold the right of all persons, and I expect every officer to treat every member of the public fairly and with respect. Personally, I am appalled at the behavior, if it is true, and appropriate action will be taken."

#3 Case Handed Over To FBI As It Involves Potential Abuse Of Police Power

The department performed an initial internal investigation before contacting the FBI to look into the matter as according to Ballard the case involves potential abuse of Police power so the case was referred to the FBI.


#4 Officers Involved Have Been Placed Under Restrictions

The four officers have been placed under restrictions and according to the department, each officer involved in the scandal have between three and 16 years of law enforcement experience and based on their experience they were assigned to patrol a district that covers a certain part of downtown Honolulu.

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