Hawk Tuah Woman Explains Why She Refused Playboy After Becoming Famous Online

By Editorial Staff in Interesting On 10th July 2024

Haliey Welch, famously known as the 'Hawk Tuah' woman after her viral TikTok response, has made headlines again.

This time, it's for turning down an opportunity with Playboy. 

Currently, Welch, or Hawk Tuah as she's affectionately known, is the talk of the town thanks to a TikTok video.

Where she answered the provocative question 'What's one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?'

Haliey Welch, otherwise known as the 'Hawk Tuah Girl', has opened up about her fame in a Q&A. Instagram / hay_welch

Her unforgettable reply was, "You gotta give 'em that 'hawk tuah' and spit on that thing, you get me?"

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Now living in Nashville, Welch recently took to Instagram for a Q&A session to discuss the impact of her newfound fame and address some rumors.

While applying her makeup, she candidly responded to various questions from her followers.

Welch clarified her professional status, saying: "Am I a school teacher? That's false, I worked in a spring plant for about 10 months

"But I don't work there anymore, but I'm not a school teacher. 

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"Did I really get fired from my job? That is false, I quit my job to go travel."

She also tackled the rumor about being an 'industry plant' facilitated by YouTubers Tim & Dee TV, denying any such setup.

"I'm not an industry plant, it was not planned every bit of it was just there right in the moment because I had to ask what that meant so... that's false," Welch explained.

On the topic of starting an OnlyFans, she was clear about her boundaries: "Am I really making an OnlyFans, that's false. 

"I'm not comfortable doing that, ever. So, no, that's false."

Then she dropped a surprising revelation about Playboy: "Did I really turn down Playboy? 

Haliey Welch's answer to what makes a man go crazy in bed involved her pretending to spit - 'hawk tuah'. YouTube / Tim & Dee

"That is true, they reached out to my friend Chelsea wanting to include us in some of their stuff, and we turned it down so that's true."

It's hard to believe that just two months ago, Haliey Welch wasn't a household name, yet now, even Playboy is knocking on her door!

Wrapping up the video, Welch shared a fun fact about her recent interaction with country music: 

"Was I invited by Zach Bryan to perform with him? That is true, and I sung 'Revival' with him.

"But I was not at Luke Bryan's concert throwing bras at him because I haven't worn a bra in three days - it wasn't me."

The response from her fans has been overwhelmingly positive.

One commenter expressed, "We finally made the right person famous," 

Instagram / hay_welch

While another praised, "Love this!!! Finally someone with morals got famous, keep going your amazing!"

Others called her a 'national treasure' and humorously suggested she'd make a great president.

As Welch navigates her new reality, it's clear she's gradually getting more comfortable sharing her life and truths with the world, much to the delight of her growing fan base.