Hawk Tuah Woman Moved To Tears As She Earns Staggering Fee For Appearance

By maks in Community On 11th July 2024

It's been a whole month since Haliey Welch became known as the 'Hawk Tuah' woman, and she's definitely cashing in since the video went viral.

Haliey Welch came up with the catchy phrase 'Hawk Tuah' and the follow-up 'spit on that thang' during a viral clip on TikTok and YouTube, created by Tim & Dee TV.

Despite their role, Tim & Dee have voiced their frustration over not getting enough credit for their part in making Welch a viral sensation.

Just to make sure we're on the same page, Tim Dickerson, 25, and DeArius Marlow, 24, collectively known as Tim & Dee, posed a spicy question to Haliey: 

Haliey Welch in the original video pretends to spit. YouTube / Tim & Dee

"What's one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?"

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Her memorable response was: "You gotta give 'em that 'hawk tuah' and spit on that thing, you get me?"

That 15-word answer not only went viral but also led Haliey to trademark the phrase 'Hawk Tuah' for use in comedy and apparel. 

She's even started making a hefty sum from public appearances.

Sources close to TMZ report that Haliey has made a whopping $30,000 just for showing up at Daer Dayclub at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

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The celebration at this pool party, located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami on Florida's east coast, was to honor Haliey reaching one million Instagram followers over the weekend. 

Since then, her follower count has risen to 1.1 million.

At the event, she also judged a bikini contest and was accompanied by Chelsea Bradford, who appeared with her in the viral video.

Video clips from the event captured Haliey moved to tears, overwhelmed by the surreal amount of attention she's received over the past month.

A huge party was thrown for Haliey Welch to celebrate her hitting one million Instagram followers. Instagram / daersouthfl

And it's not just her public appearances that are bringing in the cash.

Haliey recently addressed her followers to clear up some rumors swirling around about her.

She clarified: "Am I a school teacher? That's false, I worked in a spring plant for about 10 months - but I don't work there anymore, but I'm not a school teacher.

"Did I really get fired from my job? That is false, I quit my job to go travel."

With all this success, it looks like Haliey can afford to travel wherever she wants—and perhaps make a tidy sum from club appearances across the globe.