Hawk Tuah Woman Reveals The Worst Outcomes Of Her Viral Video Fame

By Editorial Staff in Community On 5th July 2024

Haliey Welch, also known as the 'Hawk Tuah' woman, has shared some candid insights about the unexpected drawbacks that have accompanied her sudden rise to internet fame.

Welch catapulted to online celebrity status after a clip featuring her response during an interview with YouTubers Tim and Dee TV went viral.

While many might think becoming a viral sensation is thrilling, Welch has quickly learned that it also brings several challenges and nuisances.

If you've scrolled through social media recently, you likely stumbled upon the video where Welch is asked what 'makes men go crazy.'

Hailey Welch's answer involves a 'hawk tuah'. YouTube / Tim & Dee

Her memorable reply was: "You gotta give it that hawk tuah," emulating the action of someone spitting and adding: "Spit on that thang."

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She is clearly talking about how a chef should react when a customer is rude in a restaurant.

The best response, according to her, involves using 'that thang,' which refers to the food.

If you believe she might be referring to something else, then it’s likely just your imagination getting carried away.

After her initial viral fame, Welch took a brief hiatus from the public eye, only to reappear at a Nashville concert headlined by country music star Zach Bryan last week.

She also made an appearance on Brianna LaPaglia's podcast to address and dispel some of the rumors swirling about her.

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Embracing her new role as a viral star, Welch has been actively engaging with her followers on Instagram, sharing her experiences and the realities of newfound fame.

In one of her Instagram videos, she discussed the daily hassles of dealing with the paparazzi— a common annoyance for many who find themselves in the public eye.

She humorously added, "I have to convince my paw paw not to shoot the paparazzi outside our house every day," explaining, "Because they've been camped out here for like two weeks."

It's surprising where photographers choose to stake out. 

Welch took the opportunity to clarify again that she does not have an OnlyFans account and has no plans to start one in the future.

She addressed her followers directly, saying, "Stop asking me for the link in bio to my OnlyFans, I don't have OnlyFans, there will never be an OnlyFans."

'Hawk Tuah' woman Hailey Welch has received some strange requests since a video of her went viral YouTube / Plan Bri Uncut

For those holding out hope for such content, Welch suggests they might need to get some fresh air instead.

She also touched on the issue of 'imposters and fake accounts,' noting that currently, her only social media presence is on Snapchat and Instagram.

Despite these challenges, Welch pointed out some positives from her viral fame. 

She revealed that the experience has greatly boosted her confidence, even helping her to perform 'in front of 80,000 people with Zach Bryan.'

She also mentioned that she has been able to leave her day job, which means "I don't have to eat Taco Bell all the time, but I'm gonna do it anyways."

Additionally, Welch is excited about launching a line of merchandise, including hats that feature her now-iconic catchphrase.

This new venture is just one of the ways she is capitalizing on her viral success.