He Took 2 Pieces Of Bread And Irons Them With A Tin Foil. See What He Reveals!

Posted by Editorial Staff in Food On 23rd May 2016



When you're traveling away from home and staying in a hotel, food options are limited.

Surprisingly, there are many travelers who have devised clever ways to get around not having access to a kitchen.

Take for instance what this man successfully demonstrates! Who could have imagined of such an idea while away from home?

For this experiment, all you need is bread, butter, cheese, aluminium foil and of course the iron.



Grab two pieces of bread and put it on foil.

Put some butter and cheese slices.

Put sandwich together.



Wrap it up with aluminium foil.


Keep a preheated iron on top of the sandwich for 30 seconds.

Flip it over and repeat it on the other side.



After 30 seconds lift the iron and open the foil.

This is amazing.

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