Here Are Some Blasts From The Past That Only 80s Kids Can Truly Appreciate

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 13th June 2018

The 80s was one of the best decades to live through. It was so full of color, great music, and was the last decade where we felt safe leaving our kids outside to play all day unsupervised. Times have definitely changed, and we cannot say that they changed for the better. We live in a digital age where kids and adults alike are always connected to their devices. We are becoming detached from true social interactions, and the creeps have all come out of the woodwork. They are scary times, but thankfully we still have our memories of better times in the past. Here are some things that will definitely make you nostalgic.


We did not have phones where you could dial *60 and block a number back in the day. If you wanted to stop someone from calling, you had to take the phone off of the hook. On another note, kids these days would have no idea how to dial out when presented with a phone like this.


Cassette Inserts

As kids, if you wanted to know the lyrics of a song, you picked up the cassette and looked through the insert. As times went by and CDs became popular, they came with books that also held the lyrics to the songs, but most recently, they no longer do that, so you have to Google the lyrics.

Fidget Spinners

We did not have all these fidget spinners growing up like kids have now. Instead, we had to look for trees that had these things we called helicopters on them. We would hold them up high and let them go to watch them spin to the ground.


Dodge Ball

You think there are a lot of bullies now, back when we were growing up, the bullies were encouraged to hit us with the premise of playing a game of dodgeball. All of these years later, I can still hear the sound of one of these nailing me in the back echoing through my ears.

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