Here Are Some Life Hacks That Everyone Should Know

By Missy aka Tizzy in Facts and DIY Published On 29th June 2018

Wrong number

This is a great idea for people who go out to meet people. You can always find out if they are really into you this way, so you do not end up wasting your time.


Do you love me?

This is one way that science is really helpful in the real world. If you were wondering if he/she is really into you, just look deeply into their eyes and see if their pupils expand from the eye contact.

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No Stops

We do not know if this really works, but we are excited to try this out as soon as possible. It would be especially helpful if you are the one in the elevator and in a hurry. The people waiting for the elevator might not be too keen on the idea though.


Lost Phone

Here is another one we are not sure that it works. If it does, though, it could be a real lifesaver. Losing your phone while it is set on vibrate is a real inconvenience.

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Happy Birthday

This would have really come in handy back when we all had house phones. I remember trying to figure out how to play songs on my phone as a kid. The best I could figure out was Jingle Bells.

Whiter Teeth

Nowadays, people are really into using charcoal powder and paste to whiten their teeth. The problem with that is it is messy and turns your toothbrush black. With this, you can get whiter teeth without all of the mess.



This advice is great. In fact, most doctors will tell you to do the exact same thing. This is especially good if you are a late night snacker. Eating before bed is almost guaranteeing that you will pack on the pounds. Drink a large glass of water instead.

Dead Batteries

If you are wondering if those old batteries in your junk drawer are still any good, you can do this test on them. One bounce is okay, but if they continue to bounce around, they can be tossed into the trash.


Fresh Fries

As an ex McDonald's worker, I can tell you that this is completely true. If you want fresh, hot fries, ask for unsalted fries. You can always add salt to them later. One thing you should know is that they still get dropped in the same bin that they salt the fries in before putting them in the box, so you might still get salt on your fries. There will just not be any salt added to them.

Getting Crunk

We had no idea that Diet Coke makes alcohol more potent than regular Coke. This is information to keep in mind on our next night out.



This is incredible advice for people of all ages. After all, you are never too young or too old to learn something new. Plus, if your list gets long, you will never run out of things to look up and learn about.


We never even thought about this. We have seen people open their bags like this before but always thought they were just weird. Apparently, there is a method to their madness.