Here Is A List Of The 15 Main Differences Between Genuine And Fake People

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Life Style On 7th February 2018

We all have two sides to us. When we interact with people it is up to us to decide whether a person's true persona is the welcoming exterior or something hidden inside. Here are 15 signs that will help you determine if the people you interact with are real or if they are fakes.

Fake people fake respect

A fake person will fake respect. Because they have inflated egos, they have a hard time masking their feelings of superiority in both their hearts and their minds. They are only able to show a modicum of respect towards people that are in positions of power.


The pursuit of acknowledgment

A genuine person is not after recognition or acknowledgment. A fake person practically demands affirmation of their superiority whether they truly deserve it or not.

Private time spent with them

When you spend a lot of intimate time with a person, it allows them to reveal their true character. A genuine person will make you feel at ease when you are in their presence. A fake person might make you feel doubt and or uncomfortable as you start to see that they may not be exactly who they pretend to be.


Too much vanity

A genuine person does not show pride or act like they need recognition for a job well done. A fake person will constantly seek praise whether they deserve it or not. They have a real "look how awesome I am" type of attitude.

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