Here Is An Up-Close Look To Why Dogs Are The Best

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Feel Good On 26th March 2018

There are not many people out there that would disagree that dogs are the greatest creatures on this Earth. They have a way of picking you up when you are down. They simply brighten our day with their existence. They love us unconditionally and are fierce protectors when called upon. Here are some photos to remind us why dogs are the best.


Store Mascot

It can be really scary when your dog gets loose and you have no idea where it could be. Thankfully, this one landed in the right hands. The folks at Home Depot loved her so much that they made her an honorary member of their team until her owner picked her up.


Waiting for lovin'

Dogs are attention seekers. They love the feel of a hand on their head no matter who it comes from. For that reason, it is no surprise that this pup waits by the school to steal some lovin' from the kids as they walk home.


That face

How could anyone get mad when they have a face like that looking up at them. This is probably the sweetest little face you will ever see. We could not get mad either.


Huskies are the greatest of all dog breeds. They have such big personalities. Not only do they sass back at us, they also make some of the funniest faces. This joke kind of laid flat, but the faces that this fur-baby is making are classic.

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