Here Is Some Food For Thought That Will Blow Your Mind

By Missy aka Tizzy in Facts and DIY On 29th April 2018

Baby Time

Isn't that funny. We as parents do not want our children to have children of their own too young. However, once they reach a reasonable age, we start hounding them for a baby because we want a grandchild in our lifetime.


We always wondered about this too. The crazy part is that you can eject the disk, but if you push the button again, it does not bring the disk back in. It is totally useless.

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You probably never thought about this. It really is amazing that our mind has to be taught about DNA even though it is ingrained into every single cell of our body including our brains.



If you say otherwise, you are lying. The milk jug is the most common form of a gallon jug, so it is not a surprise that it is the first thing you think of. Even water and juice come in these gallon jugs.

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We are going to say that it is magic. That is the only explanation. The same goes for when you run in the house to grab a container of salt and you cannot find the darn thing. They just appear and disappear when we are not paying attention.


Not only do they sound like sensitive transformers, they sound like they are totally Emo. We can name them things like Sad Prime, Morbid Prime, Clinically Depressed Prime, etc.



I think that if a cat walked passed me and said something in human words that I just might faint. So, it should be no surprise that it baffles them when we try to speak their language.

Bom Chicka Wow Wow

Now that the idea has been put in your head, it will always be there. Could you imagine if the beast never turned back into a prince? We already know that Shrek and Fiona got it on because they had kids in the second movie.

Makes no sense.

It really does not make any sense if you think about it. A simple wall between rooms is enough to interrupt your internet signal, but these things are billions of miles away and get great signals.



Now that this has been brought to your attention, you might never eat a lollipop again. The same goes for any hard candy like mints and jolly ranchers. You are just flavoring your saliva and swallowing it.


Isn't it crazy how this works? The last thing anyone who is angry wants to hear is someone telling them to relax. It just riles them up even more, and the fight can last forever.


This is the sad truth, and most of you probably never won a game against the computer anyway, so you have no idea that the computer might let you win now and then.