Here Is What Happens If You Put Dry Ice Into Coke!

Posted by Editorial Staff in Science and Technology On 8th December 2016

If you call yourself a fan of watching neat science experiments on YouTube, then you probably have found your way across the path of the one and only Crazy Russian Hacker. With all of the while things that he tries out, this guy has to be one of our favorites and we’re always looking forward to seeing what comes up with next.


This time, it looks like the Hacker has gotten his hands on his fair share of dry ice because we have seen quite a few experiments that combine the dry ice with other substances to see what the result will be. This time, the liquid in question is not other than some Diet Coke.



What will happen when dry ice is combined with the Coke that is heated to various temperatures? Well, it looks like the result of this experiment might just be a little bit explosive.


Check out the video below that takes you inside of the experiment to see exactly what it's all about when you mix together these two unlikely counterparts. What else can you think of to tangle up with some dried iced that might make for an interesting result?


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