Here Is What Your Smile Reveals About Your Personality Traits, According To Experts

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Life Style

Do you have a gap between your front teeth? Did you ever wonder what people think of you when you smile? According to the professional team, your smile can reveal much more about our personality than you realize. Find out what your smile reveals about your personality!


Personality Traits

According to the group of dentists and scientists involved in the study by Instant White, your smile can tell how successful sensual, and dominant you are.


Crowded Mouth

An overcrowded mouth indicates a dominant personality and gives the impression of success. According to expert "Crowded mouth" is considered to be the "winning Hollywood smile."


Gappy Grin

Gappy Grin or gap-toothed indicate sensuality. It is a sign of a perfectionist, attractiveness, and fertility.

Justin Causier, founder of Actualize Dental Clinics said:

"In Ghana, Namibia, and Nigeria, diastemata, the space separating the teeth, is regarded as being attractive and a sign of fertility and some people have even had them created through cosmetic dentistry."


Wild Fangs

Wild Fangs or canine teeth are a prominent feature reflect "true dominance."

According to Dr. Helen McCarthy, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at 10 Harley Street:

"The extent to which you reveal your canines may reflect how confident you are with appearing powerful or dominant."


Bright whites

A full white set of teeth indicate perfectionism and it shows the person pay a lot of attention to the details.

According to Justin Causier:

"Often a full white set will give the impression of someone whose self-image is very important and strives for perfection in all aspects of their appearance."

"An ultra-white smile is about striving for cosmetic perfection. In a modern western society in recent years a “perfect” white smile has become associated with a high level of grooming and attention to detail," says Dr. McCarthy.


Gummy Smiles

Gummy Smiles or gingival smile gives indicate trustworthiness. Showing a slight amount of gum when smiling gives a childlike impression, which can instigate trust in those around you, say the experts.