Here Is Why These 6 Plants Keep Bugs Away

Posted by Muk Khatri in Science and Technology On 7th April 2018

#5 Peppermint

Peppermint serves as natural insecticide to repel mosquitoes, spiders and ants because minty fragrance is disliked to mosquitoes and other bugs. The essence in peppermint plant is contained in the stems, leaves and flowers of the plant. When mosquito issue get severe, you can use peppermint into a personal anti-agent by crushing the leaves and rubbing them on your skin.


#6 Rosemary

Rosemary is specially used to flavour dishes but you may plant it to your garden so that it will repel insects like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. You could keep it inside or outside, just make sure it gets full sunlight. It can likewise mixed into different formulas and lotions to act as a insect repellent for body. Rosemary is great when you need to gather around a fire without fighting with mosquitoes.

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