Here Is Why You Hate The "Drunk You" The Next Morning

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 15th September 2015

#1 Do You Go To The Bathroom OR Vomit?

Don't you just hate the "drunk you" from the other night? When you have too much drinks at a party you turn into something hard to deal with. You even do pranks for the "sober you" for the next morning.

What kind of person does that?

You are totally out of control, you don't know what are you doing and you make sure every single person at the party knows that you are drunk.

#2 Drunk you has DRUNK friends..

How many times did you wake up saying that was your last time of drinking too much alcohol? Don't answer this question It's a trap.

The drunk you is an idiot who doesn't know how much is enough. Here are couple of situations where the sober you hated drunk you so much that made you feel awful.

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#4 … and of course he hides stuff in the fridge

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#5 This is actually pretty funny..

#6 Drunk you is always hungry and falls asleep before eating

#8 Drunk you doesn't recall what happened, but you wake up in the ER the next morning

#9 Drunk you makes sure you know what happened last night.. and what could be the consequences

#10 Drunk you passes out, and it doesn't matter where you are at the time

#11 You're Going To Regret This in the Morning

#12 No Can Opener? No Problem. Drunk you always finds the proper way for opening a can.

#13 There is no locked doors for drunk you

#14 Drunk you steals cats for no reason

#15 Drunk you doesn’t know what you eat

#16 Drunk you lost his keys but manages to find a way inside through the doggy door

#17 Drunk you always spends money on something like this