He’s Always Happy and His Tongue Always Sticks Out

By Editorial Staff in Nature On 28th September 2015

#1 This adorable rescue kitty is very special. He’s always happy and his tongue always sticks out. Meet Mr. Magoo the cat!

"Mr. Magoo the Cat came into my work when he was about 8 weeks old. He was found living under someone's deck with his mom, brother and sister,"

#2 “When I first noticed the cats I thought ‘Oh more cute kittens’ then I saw Magoo. I instantly fell in love with a 14oz kitten with a disfigured jaw.”

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#4 “On physical exam everything was normal with him but his skull. His lower jaw is very small, and is off to the right side, causing his tongue to hang out of his mouth 24/7. He also can’t open his mouth which makes this hard for him to eat.”

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#5 “Luckily he can eat canned food no problem but he unfortunately cannot eat hard/solid foods (but that doesn’t stop him from trying).”

#6 The day Magoo was neutered.

#8 What his human mom wakes up to every morning…

#9 Sometimes he hides his tongue… when he eats

#10 He is always happy and cheery!

#11 He is a special little guy with the biggest heart.