Hidden Super Powers Of People With Anxiety Disorders

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It isn’t unnatural to panic about a thing we have done or thing we are about to do. We all feel that unstoppable ticking of the clock as if it’s permanently fitted to our mind. It gets on our nerves, makes us anxious.

Anxiety is something we experience always while doing one thing or the other. It’s something we all live with. While we can’t reject the fact that anxiety is bothersome at times, you will be happy to know that having anxiety means we are blessed with superpowers. Want to know what are they?

We have made a list of 5 special powers that a person with Anxiety Disorder has. Let’s check them out.


Living With Anxiety

Having an anxiety disorder can be a scary and confusing thing. You often feel overwhelmed by the pressures you see in the world.

People who live with anxiety have a heightened sense of worry. Although this is often pegged as a bad thing there are actually some cases where this can come in useful.

There have been a few small studies done that suggest that anxiety may have evolved within people the same way intelligence has.

Studies have also shown that people who have been diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder are often associated with high IQ’s.

Dr. Jeremy Coplan, a study researcher of psychiatry at State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, explained that although most people tend to view anxiety as a negative thing, it is actually linked to intelligence.

Here are five positive things that your anxiety does for you.


Sensing Other People’s Energy

People who are anxious often have a gut feeling about people that can determine whether they have a positive energy or a negative energy. If they find that they are comfortable with someone, it’s because they carry positive energy. On the other hand, if they get ‘bad vibes’ from someone, chances are they’re harboring some negative energy of some kind.


Increased empathy

Empaths are people who are very easily able to empathize with people, and often take on the thoughts and feelings of others as a way of helping them through tough situations. People with anxiety are great listeners and are the person to turn to when you have a problem.


Life-Saving Instinct

Anxiety has been a part of human life since earliest times of evolution. It developed as a survival instinct to save lives from animals and other dangers. With the removal of the threat of being hunted, the survival instinct was also gone. But anxiety was left in its wake.

Studies show that the people with an anxiety disorder are more capable of detecting and responding to dangers. Their sixth sense allows them to detect dangers in mere 200 seconds, thus giving them a unique ability to save lives.

Increased IQ

What if anxiety goes hand in hand with a higher IQ? Well, researchers at SUNY Downstate Medical Centre in New York confirm that it does. In this study, people with a General Anxiety Disorder were tested for IQ and the researchers found that anxiety correlates positively with intelligence.

It’s no wonder really, knowing that people with anxiety constantly over-analyze their environment. This means that their brains process high volumes of information constantly and a higher IQ is needed for such a thing.


It helps you see through the lies

You are always anxious about things. No matter how much people try to convince you and sugar-coat you, you are not going to buy them because you are always anxious about protecting yourself and your near and dear ones from others.

You are careful and observant which helps you see through the lies. If you find one thing uncanny or not matching the things said or events happened, you will be the first one to detect the lie. It might cost you a lot of courage to spill the beans and this is where you need to focus on. It’s good that you can’t be cheated upon too.

It might cost you a lot of courage to spill the beans and this is where you need to focus on. It’s good that you can’t be cheated upon too.


What Are Your Super Powers?

At the end of the day, anxiety (and anxiety disorders) aren’t purely negative aspects of life. If you’re someone who deals with a lot of anxiety, chances are you have many (or all) of these superpowers. People with anxiety are some of the strongest, most honorable individuals you will ever meet.



As you see, it turns out that anxiety disorders also have a bright side. Nothing is absolute in this world, and perhaps, we label anxiety with being a mental disorder because we still know too little about the human brain and the existence in general.