Hilarious Reasons Why A Cat Is Better Than A Dog

By Editorial Staff in Nature On 28th August 2015

#1 You Do Not Have To Walk Cats

While some cat breeds are naturally inclined to walk on a leash, most do not comply with this type of activity. Cats actually despise leashes and obtain physical exercise through other means. Many felines bask in the beauty of the outdoors, walks and leashes are usually unnecessary.

#2 A Cat Is Easily Entertained

Give a cat a ball or a box and he will burn off all of his energy for hours and hours! Add some catnip to his diet and he will play goofy and entertain your friends until he gets tired.

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#3 Cats Clean and Bathe Themselves

On most occasions, cats smell absolutely pristine. They frequently bathe themselves and release pheromones in order to remain odor free. Dogs, however, require elaborate baths and shampoo, as they would otherwise exude an unpleasant odor. As wonderful as canines are, this can prove rather inconvenient.

#4 Cats Are Smart

You can't teach an old dog new tricks... not like this!

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#5 Cats Use Litter Boxes

The convenience of kitty litter is simply indescribable. Dogs are naturally resistant to the notion of litter boxes. And quite often, this leads to inexplicable accidents and surprises around the house. Luckily, felines are socially conscious animals who conceal the shameful evidence once they have gone potty. This makes life more pleasant for you.

#6 Cats Do Not Require Constant Attention

Cats, like all animals, require nurturance, attention, and affection. However, they are remarkably independent animals who respect your space and parameters.

#7 Cats Do Not Require Supervision

Left alone, most cats can survive for ever with just an occasional feeding and litter box change.

#8 Cats Will Not Eat Your Shoes

Cats are known to submerge their claws into every malleable surface they find fit. This instinctive behavior is simply performed to stimulate their claws. However, with the addition of a simple scratching post, you can solve all of their scratching needs. And best of all, you will never have to face the prospect of having your shoes devoured in any way, with or without a scratching post.

#9 Cats Are More Graceful and Agile

Cats are often noted for their athletic abilities, grace, and agility, as well. They can glide seamlessly through the air and perform remarkable stunts, rights before your very eyes.

#10 Cats Are Born Entertainers

This is just one of many delights of having a cat. Dogs, while capable of performing impressive stunts, lack a comparable level of grace and poise. Some may even be the next great pianist.

#11 Cats Are Better Logical Problem Solvers

Cats have been known to engage in and solve highly complex logic puzzles. Dogs are glorified as one of the most intelligent animal species on the globe. However, cats are seldom recognized for their amazing shrewdness and invariable talent in solving problems.

#12 Cats Are Better Logical Problem Solvers

This cat, for example, is solving the age old question of "how many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie Pop?'

#13 Cats Are Hilarious

Whether it is unintentional or not, cats are simply hysterical. From their mannerisms to their sudden spurts of energy, cats are effortlessly amusing.

#14 Funny AND Cute

Cats will always pose for the camera. Unlike a dog, they will let you dress them up in silly disguises and costumes for the day of a photo shoot.

#15 They LOVE Costumes

Halloween, or any other event... the cat is always willing and ready to be put into that crazy costume. Camera Ready. Aim. Shoot!

#16 Cats Are Very Intrigued

A cat is easily amused and will sit and follow a red dot all day long. Some cats will lay with you and listen to your voice and how your day went forever, or until they fall asleep out of boredom.

#17 They Are Easy To Collect

Get one cat and before you know it you will be asking yourself, "Where did all these cats come from?" They are so cute, you can't have just ONE!