Historian Who Correctly Predicted Almost Every Election Winner Since 1984 Reveals Who Is Likely To Win In 2024

By maks in News On 7th February 2024

Developed by Allan Lichtman, a well-regarded election forecaster with a track record of accurately predicting the outcomes of nearly all presidential elections since 1984, this predictive formula has gained attention for its reliability. 

Lichtman's approach, which relies on a series of 13 true or false questions, is designed to give a clear indication of which candidate is more likely to emerge victorious in the presidential race.

These questions cover a broad range of factors, from political climate to economic conditions, and are structured in a way that assigns a "key" to the candidates. 

A "true" response earns the candidate under consideration a key, while a "false" answer benefits their opponent. 

This system allows for a nuanced assessment of each candidate's strengths and vulnerabilities.

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As of the latest analysis, President Biden has managed to secure five of these coveted "keys," putting him marginally ahead of Donald Trump, who has claimed three. 

This information, revealed by Lichtman to MarketWatch, paints a picture of a competitive race with much still at play.

With five "keys" yet to be determined, the opportunity remains for the former president to potentially surpass Biden as the election season progresses. 

Lichtman gave Biden a slight lead because he is the incumbent and has implemented policy changes during his presidency. Credit: Annabelle Gordon/UPI/Shutterstock
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Trump has earned three keys due in part because the GOP is the majority in the US House of Representatives. Credit: REUTERS

The dynamics of this race are far from static, with every key playing a crucial role in forecasting the eventual winner.

The "keys," as detailed by American University where Lichtman serves as a professor, span a variety of critical areas. 

These include the party mandate, the nature of the contest, incumbency, the presence or absence of a significant third party, the state of the economy in both the short and long term, policy change, social unrest, scandal, foreign or military successes or failures, and the charisma of both the incumbent and the challenger. 

Each of these factors contributes to the overall assessment of each candidate's potential for success.

Biden's position as the incumbent automatically awards him one of the keys. 

Furthermore, despite Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s eligibility for the Utah presidential election ballot, Biden is considered to have no significant challenge from third-party or independent candidates, securing another key for him. 

Additional keys were granted to Biden for achieving real per capita economic growth that equals or surpasses the growth during the previous two terms and for enacting significant policy changes during his presidency.

Allan Lichtman has correctly predicted nearly every presidential race since 1984. Credit: AFP via Getty Images

Conversely, Trump received the first key due to the Republican Party's majority in the House of Representatives, showcasing the political landscape's influence on the forecasting model. 

Lichtman also suggests that Biden's perceived lack of charisma has led to Trump being awarded the 12th key. 

Furthermore, Trump may gain an additional advantage if Biden fails to secure a significant foreign or military success during his term.

It's worth noting that Lichtman's predictive model has a notable history of accuracy, having successfully forecasted Trump's victory in the 2016 election and Biden's subsequent win in the 2020 face-off against Trump. 

As the 2024 election approaches, the "Keys to the White House" will undoubtedly continue to be a closely watched indicator of the evolving political landscape and the potential outcomes of the presidential race.