Homeowner Slammed After Refusing To Allow A Builder To Use Her Bathroom

By Aleena in Bizarre Published On 29th August 2023

It can be hard to fix a house, especially if the owners have specific requests.

A woman recently had an unpleasant run-in with a contractor when she refused to allow him into her bathroom during a remodel.

The homeowner has been slammed for her bad behaviour. Credit: TikTok/alexvueltas0

The builder was like, totally surprised by this crazy turn of events. Took to TikTok to explain the position he was in. The video became popular quite rapidly. Activated debates online. As the clip became viral, people worldwide discussed their reactions to it.

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You won't believe what's going on in this video shared by @alexvueltas0! Prepare for some major cringe as an unnamed woman takes center stage with her rather intense grievances.

In the footage, the homeowner seems to be closely monitoring the workers, going to the extent of personally handing them tiles.


But here's where it gets even more bizarre—she talks about bathroom breaks while keeping a watchful eye.

The contractors are forbidden from using the house toilets, and the homeowner seems to be the self-appointed manager of their bathroom schedule.

Alex even recorded the woman hoovering over his colleague. Credit: TikTok/alexvueltas0
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She even dictates where they can handle their nature's call within the premises.

Understandably, Alex was frustrated by the insane rule and hit back at the bum deal, replying, "You can't go to the bathroom here?"

Here, the woman hammers home her point, saying: "No, it's not a public bathroom. It's a house, and I don't want anybody going to the bathroom."

As if to justify her actions, she reiterates that she is the one paying for the work.


"You have no right to be yelling at someone. Just because we're Mexican you have no right," the contractor angrily tells her.

In the viral video, the disgruntled homeowner says, "I'm a Mexican too."

Alex responded, "Exactly, and you think you're above everybody."



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Shortly after that, the worker is asked to leave the property.

Yeah, no surprise, the video has caused a lot of drama on TikTok and has gotten like 3.7 million views.


People in the comments were shocked by the woman's crappy behavior regarding bathroom breaks.

One user wrote: “I would never treat someone who is doing something for me. Even if I’m paying. That’s horrible.”

Others agreed, with many speaking about how they’d worked closely with contractors on their own homes.

Another U.S. user added: “You know, I would never put rules when my house was being remodelled in Dallas…no rules crazy people do that who are toxic.”

“Go to the bathroom at home,” she told him Credit: TikTok/alexvueltas0

Some even suggested that Alex look into getting legal advice over the incident.

“As someone that has built several homes she has to have a portable toilet…if she doesn’t want you using hers…. that’s law…a lawyer would love this,” argued a third.

Another added: “If people are working on my house I’d give them water, snacks, and use of my bathroom.”

“Sue. Employer is supposed to provide portable potty,” one comment read.

“Law states job sites need to have a bathroom like a Porta John,” another viewer mentioned.


Other viewers urged him to report the woman to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

According to the organization’s website: “Employers must: Allow workers to leave their work locations to use a restroom when needed. Provide an adequate number of restrooms for the size of the workforce to prevent long lines. Avoid imposing unreasonable restrictions on restroom use.”

Luckily, the builder later spilled the beans that he got paid for the gig, even after the whole bathroom break drama.