Homewrecker Tells Children To Come Care For Sick Dad After Creating Decade-Long Estrangement

By Annie N. in Relationships On 5th November 2023

An affair can wreak havoc on a family and the people you've hurt may never forgive you for years to come. One man and his affair partner got the reality check they desperately needed when they reached out to the kids when the dad got sick.


OP said that their father wasn't a very caring father to begin with and their relationship turned for the worse when they found out he had been cheating on their mother.

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The affair came out when his affair partner decided that she wanted their father all to himself and let their mother know of the affair herself. 


What's worse is that the children were all sitting there when she broke the news to the family. 

OP's mother was blindsided by the information.

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Upon hearing the news, OP's mom could not continue the marriage and moved out with the children. Their father got shared custody after a court battle.


When OP and their siblings would visit their father, the affair partner would play the role of stepmom which didn't work so well for the children. 


Two years later, she told OP's father that she didn't want the children around and played the victim card. 


OP and their siblings were clear on their stance. 


OP and their siblings then had no contact with their father since she cut ties with them. This silence was maintained for a decade until they received a call from their stepmom letting them know that their father was sick.


None of the children had any sympathy for him and refused to go visit. Since OP was rather young at the time of the affair, the stepmom thought they would be more willing than the others to step in and help.


OP did not mince words and let her know that they were on their own. OP refused to step in and help her with the care of their father or their young children. 


OP's stepmom did not respond gracefully. She insulted them and called them cruel for their behavior.


Commenters were clearly on OPs side telling them that they did the right thing.

For others this was just the sweet justice of Karma.