Hot Actresses Who Used To Be Cheerleaders (And 1 Man)

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The history of cheerleading is closely tied with that of American football. But it wasn’t before 1923 that women were allowed to cheer. By the 1960s, cheerleading could be found in practically every high school across the country. All-star, competitive cheerleading started in the 1980s, and rapidly grew throughout the following decade, further confirming the already established stereotype of the cheerleaders as popular, hypersexual, and vicious teen girls. Cheerleading was and still is one of the most prestigious organized activities for girls and these now famous and sexy actresses were once known for shaking their pom-poms at sporting events in high school.


#1 Jennifer Lawrence

She used to cheer hard for the Kammerer's at her middle school in Louisville, Kentucky. But now she spreads cheer by donating over $2 million to the school and visiting every Christmas to visit local hospitals to put a smile on children who are ill. In the 1990s she dressed as a ballerina or a clown when she wasn't in her cheerleading outfit and she was also into a lot of sports, including softball, field hockey, and horseback riding. As a basketball player, she was a member of the boys' team! She wanted to become a doctor but was spotted by a talent scout while on a trip to NY and the rest, as they say, is history.


#2 Madonna

Madonna had a troubled childhood and became rebellious and unmanageable. In her credit, she still managed to keep her school grades up and worked hard at her studies. She attended Rochester Adams High School in Michigan where she was a straight-A student and an admired-by-all cheerleader. It was good prep experience for the career she wished to pursue, which at that point of her life was dancing. She even received a dance scholarship at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance. However, that all changed when she formed a band with a boyfriend and caught the ear of Sire Records. She still shows what her audience that she has the stuff as she dances like she was still a high school cheerleader.


#3 Kirsten Dunst

She moved to Las Angeles when she was 11, with her recently divorced mother. Kirsten became a fashion model at the age of three and had a promising modeling career ahead of her, but her first big step towards fame and glory came with her role as the child-vampire Claudia in the horror movie Interview With the Vampire. However, she did not want to be an actress and rebelled against her mother, putting her efforts into the cheerleading squad and hanging out with your girlfriends at the mall. Of course, that didn't last as she was later cast in movies with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, pushing into superstardom and the Spiderman films.


#4 Halle Berry

She did all of her own stunts in the 2004 movie Catwoman, and her gymnastics skills have stayed with the 50-year-old actress ever since she worked hard on her cheerleading routines in school. While a student at Bedford High School, she was not only an honor student and the editor of the school newspaper, but also a cheerleader and, of course, prom queen! In 1986, she became the first African-American to enter the Miss World beauty pageant, where she finished sixth.

#5 Megan Fox

In the picture, Megan Fox looks like a regular cheerleader with a slender body, long blond hair and the attitude of a popular chick. And yet, in her school years, she was far from being the stereotypical cheerleader. She admits to having a very aggressive personality, for which the girls avoided her. She'd hang out with boys instead, which infuriated the girls even more. As a result, she was bullied on a regular basis. However, Fox never accepted the role of the ugly duckling, and being very aware of her beauty, she started modeling at the age of 13. Four years later, she moved to LA, which finally put an end to her high-school hardships when she became on the Hollywoods most beautiful personalities.


#6 Meryl Streep

She's not only the world's most celebrated actress but Meryl was also a high school cheerleader. In school, she took singing lessons and was very talented, involved in most every school activity associated with the arts. But she also loved dancing and sports and began favoring boys over her music and acting. So she joined the cheerleading squad to be closer to the hotter boys. Outside the football season, she'd also keep herself pretty busy she sang in the choir, worked for the school newspaper, and, because she was popular, pretty, athletic, and had good vocabulary, she was elected the homecoming queen of her graduating class.


#7 Jayma Mays

You may know Jayma as Emma Pillsbury on the hit FOX series Glee, but before she landed that role she worked at a local radio station reading the obituaries at the age of 15 in her local Virginia town. Unlike most cheerleaders, she joined the cheerleading team of her Grandy High School not to catch they eye of a boy, but to release all of her pent up energy. Twenty years later, Mays is already a married woman, with a five-month-old baby. But the foxy look of the cheerleader clearly still sparkles in her eyes.

#8 Lindsay Lohan

Looking back at the pictures of the sweet redheaded cheerleader, nobody would have thought she would turn into such a troubled adult. Her early years in Hollywood were littered with scandals like jewelry theft, intoxication, and burglary. Her school years, however, never presupposed the turbulent years that were to come. She attended Sanford H. Calhoun High in Merrick, NY where she showed remarkable results in math and science. During her senior year, she started homeschooling and had already done several professional acting stints. Her cheerleading skills have come in handy in the last few years as she has gone through many serious drug, DWI, and alcohol-related incidents that saw her go to jail and rehab, where she seemed like her only cheerleader at times.


#9 Renee Zellweger

Yes, the 47-year-old actress' face has changed so much in the course of the last two years that she is now barely recognizable to the girl with the ponytails from the picture. However, Zellweger was physically very active in school and besides being a cheerleader, she was also a member of the basketball, soccer, and football teams of Katy High School in Texas. But the girl wouldn't stop there. She was also a gymnast, a very talented debate team member, and, of course, one of the best performers of the theater club.


#10 Eva Longoria

Eva is another former cheerleader who, before undertaking acting, shone as a beauty queen in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. The Desperate Housewives actress had a pretty standard childhood and adolescence. While still in high school, she started earning her own money by waiting tables at Wendy's while also the head of the cheer squad. After graduating from the Texas A&M University-Kingsville, she decided to test her talent and luck and entered an acting contest, which turned out to be her ticket to LA. Presently, the beautiful Latina is not only shooting movies but is also putting herself out there as an avid activist of various social and political issues.

#11 Dakota Fanning

Okay, she seems a bit frail and thin to be a cheerleader but there's no doubt that Dakota has blossomed pretty well in her later years. The little starlet has turned into a full-grown 22-year-old with delicate beauty. She became a sensation when, at the age of eight, she was the youngest nominee in history at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for her role in the heartbreaking movie I am Sam (2001). Before graduating from Campbell High School in Studio City, California in 2011, Fanning was a member of the varsity cheerleading squad, and because of her sweet personality, but mostly because of her worldwide fame at that point, she was voted homecoming queen. Charm sometimes beats a stunning figure, especially for promising your starlets.

#12 Jessica Simpson

Despite the reputation cheerleaders get for their choice of routines and attitudes, Jessica was a bit different. Her father, minister by profession, gave her a purity ring as a token of chastity when she was 12. Jessica must have taken this gesture very seriously because she remained a virgin until the day of her (first) marriage in 2002. But since then she has been very busy catching up. Her cheerleading persona must have stuck with her because she has dated a few pro football players and is currently married to Eric Johnson, a former NFL tight end.


#13 Cameron Diaz

In 2017, she looks exactly the same as the girl from the picture taken some 30 years ago! Except for the tacky hair, of course, but one should blame the 1980s for this! The actress was born in San Diego, California, but the family moved to Tampa, where she attended the same high school as the rapper Snoop Dogg, which is where she cheered for the football team for 3 years. She's been linked to many hunky men over the years, but the one who finally stole the cheerleader from the others was the musician Benji Madden, whom Diaz married in 2015 after being engaged for just 17 days!

#14 Sandra Bullock

Born into the family of an opera singer and voice coach, she began at a very early age to attend a children's choir. When she was 12, her family moved from Germany to the USA, where Bullock was enrolled in Washington-Lee High School. Although she was brought up in Europe, she had no problem fitting in, largely because she was a popular addition to the cheerleading squad and there was no school play that would go on without her until she graduated in 1982. Since then she has cheered all the way to the bank in films like Speed, While You Were Sleeping, Practical Magic, 28 Days, Miss Congeniality, and The Blind Side.

#15 George W. Bush

We know what the title of this article reads, and yet, we couldn't resist the temptation Oh yes, the 43rd President was not only a cheerleader; he was the head cheerleader. The first child of George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Pierce, George W. Bush was raised in Texas, but his family moved to Houston when he had just finished seventh grade. When he reached the appropriate age, he was sent to the Phillips Academy, a boarding school with notoriously rigid rules, where he played baseball. He was terrible at the game but was caught cheering on the sideline and was given that position instead. Having discovered his true talent, Bush kept on cheerleading even during the years he attended Yale University. Between 1964 and 1968, he cheered for the school while also holding the position of fraternity leader. Who thinks he should have stuck to cheerleading instead of politics besides us?