Hot Teachers Share What It's Like To Deal With A Student Having A Crush On Them.

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Teachers have to deal with some rowdy kids who can sometimes be impolite, rude or just straight up mean. Depending on the age they teach it could either be unruly kids or a factor of puberty. What would be worse: accidentally calling your teacher ‘mom’ or having the whole class know that you have a crush on your teacher? As if that wasn’t bad enough, you have to deal with seeing your teacher on a daily basis and also bracing for the embarrassment that your friends are undoubtedly going to put you through. Time and time again we see students who have crushes on certain teachers. Who knows? Maybe they just enjoy the way they teach or simply because these teachers are attractive. Nonetheless, it can create a weird dynamic in the classroom when a student is regularly batting their eyelashes at the teacher in front of the chalkboard. So Reddit opened up an AMA (Ask Me Anything), that was directed to attractive teachers. The question was: ‘did you know which students had a crush on you?’ Some of these answers coming up will be sure to make you laugh!



‘I coach an all-star cheerleading and the 4-6th graders also have some crushes. They’ll ask me about my current girlfriend and then compare themselves to her. “She’s tall, skinny and blonde? I’m tall, skinny and blonde!” Some of them draw me pictures and others will try to stand close by when we’re having a team meeting and “subtly” lean against me.’ (Reddit user: AlbusDumbyDoor)



‘As an English teacher in Japan who was teaching English, I fondly remember this one Japanese student who would always ask me what my favorite food was. Despite regularly asking me out, I would always say ‘maybe next time’ but it was certainly flattering to receive such attention even while overseas.’ (Reddit user: quetzlthethird)



‘I was teaching organic chemistry and I noticed that this one particular student would always subtly flirt with me. She would go to my office during office hours to flirt with me and ‘ask for extra help’ but little did she know I was gay.’ (Reddit user: rabid_spidermonkey)



‘I’m teaching right now, and a 6th grader I have stares at me. Just sits there and STARES with his mouth ajar. Maybe he is just doing it cause I am weird, but it’s always funny to look over and see him staring. Then he’ll look away real fast.’ (Reddit user: everlong12)


‘As a teacher from an elementary school who teaches the first grade, I regularly get hand-drawn cards from students and also cute little homemade trinkets. But what is most adorable and memorable is the fact that the whole class would always pick dandelions for me during recess and give it to me.’ (Reddit user: coaster26)



‘As a male teacher, I have to ensure that I am professional at all times. So, I make sure I’m never in a position where there are no witnesses. The office door is always open if a kid is talking to you. If a student’s parent is late picking them up (and you would be the only one left with them) you ask one of the parents who were there on time to wait with you.’ (Reddit user: somealderaan)



‘As a teacher from New Zealand I’ve taught in New Zealand and now I’m teaching in the States. It’s very obvious when a kid has a crush on me or is just checking me out. I’m constantly getting boob-stared and seeing smirks between boys/overhearing comments.’ (Reddit user: SkepticWolf)


‘As a teaching assistant, I am ‘pretty dense’ when it comes to people checking me out. However, the end of the semester evaluation forms usually say a lot since one of the questions is ‘what did you like best about the TA?’ Some answers would be: ‘I liked that she was cute.’ It was certainly flattering but weird all at the same time.’ (Reddit user: Maxxters)



‘As a male teacher, I usually get some attention from some female students. So I have to watch how I act around them. They will take an act of kindness as an “I THINK HE LIKES ME” moment, so I just have to be careful, and remember that I am their teacher, not their friend. Some of the boys will kind of defend me and call girls out on it. I guess the bro code has no generation gap.’ (Reddit user: Firebrand 1119)



‘I am a student teacher and one of the high school students during a field observation class would ask me out. One day, a kid came up to me and said, “So how do you like it at your college?” I told him I liked it and he said, “You know, I’m on campus like every weekend. You should let me take you out sometime.” I was like, “Um, I don’t think so” and kind of ran away to do something else.’ (Reddit user: ZeroFawkes)


‘As a young teacher, I would overhear kids saying I was ‘fit’ or ‘hot’ and then on other occasions, it would be a dead giveaway since they would be extremely nervous around me. I also had to pretend not to see or hear kids who were very obviously checking me out.’ (Reddit user: tmarie32)


‘I also had a sixth-grade boy in the class where I did my student teaching experience who was “in love” with me. He’d sit in the front row, propping up his head on his hand, staring at me with his mouth hanging open. All the kids teased him about it, but he didn’t care. It was cute.’ (Reddit user: EveryoneElseIsWrong)



‘I had one freshman student run up to me, dragging his friend, and proceed to tell me that his friend had a crush on me. Only, he didn’t know how to say it in English, so it came out like: “My friend!” he grabs his friend in a headlock. “My friend! He… you!…” Then he proceeded to ask the other students around how to say “my friend has a crush on you” in English. I laughed, pretended not to understand (the friend was tomato red by then), and said I had to get going.’ (Reddit user: JohnDoe32)


‘Here are some memorable one-liners from my teaching perspective. “Yo, miss, you look nice today.” “Yo, miss, my eighteenth birthday is next month.” “You don’t understand, miss. I got it bad for you.” And my all-time favorite, “hey, miss. I had a dream about you last night.’ (Reddit user: Lanaglugglug)


‘As a teacher I regularly see students checking me out either by looking at my chest or attempting to look down my shirt. I constantly find students staring at my chest, and some students have even stood beside me attempting to see cleavage. I don’t even wear revealing shirts! Consequently, I consciously monitor the way I stand/sit/interact to avoid any issues.’ (Reddit user: JennyTheGOAT)



‘As a 23-year-old teacher, I would regularly get girls that would seductively stare into my soul. And then when I reported this to my fellow colleagues they merely laughed at me and said I was ‘thrown to the wolves.’ (Reddit user: kanyesbathroommirror)



‘To top it off, my students think I don’t understand their language at all, so they often make comments they assume I can’t understand. My first day, I overheard one student ask his friend “Well, what do you think of the new English teacher?” His friend looked me up and down, smiled, and responded, “Oh yes. I am very satisfied.” How I kept a straight face I’m really not sure.’ (Reddit user: SeekingTranscendence)


‘This sly student tried to add his number to my phone but it didn’t go so well for him. “Miss, is that your phone? Yes. Open up your contacts, and write ‘Matthew’. No, thanks. Miss, are you rejecting me? Yes. Miss, I’ve never been rejected before!’ (Reddit user: mrteacherman89)



‘I would regularly get confronted by female students either to ‘walk them to class’ or they would ask me if I had a girlfriend. Most of their mothers were around my age so a lot of the daughters would try to do some matchmaking. Parent-teacher conferences were weird.’ (Reddit user: janejill)


‘As a teacher for a drawing class at a university, I usually send out an email to say thanks for going to the art show. His bold response was: ‘that was not the purpose of me being there. My purpose was observation, and you were looking great in that dress.’ (Reddit user: Fawkes213)



‘Back when I was teaching, some students would hit on me to get a reaction out of me while others were genuinely infatuated with me. However, I had to learn to be gentle but firm and honestly, thinking about a student sexually was just weird. They hold the sexual attraction of a tomato to me.’ (Reddit user: RobinHoodGangsta)