How Did We Ever Live Without These Life Hacks?

By Missy aka Tizzy in Facts and DIY Published On 31st July 2018

Stay Hydrated

We know that drinking water is not always fun for many people. If you want this particular piece of advice to really help you, drink lemon water instead. That will really get your metabolism going.


Beats The Clapper

If you are really feeling lazy, you could just install The Clapper. However, using a laser light to get your kitty to jump up and flip that switch down is a lot more entertaining.

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Soccer Mom Hack

If you minivan is constantly filled with children, you might want to try this hack for the next time you hit a drive through with your brood. This will keep everyone's drinks in one place, so you do not have to worry about spills.


Keep it locked tight

If you cannot afford an expensive home security system, this will work in a pinch. You might also want to install one of those things that keep your door from being kicked in as well.

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No slip grip

Are you tired of your clothes getting those funny dips in the shoulders from your plastic hangers but your clothes always fall off the other hangers that do not have those dips that the plastic hangers have? Just add rubber bands to the ends of your regular hangers. This will give them enough grip so they do not slide off.

Cheap Flights

It is always best to book your flight in advance when you are looking to get a good deal. Now, you know exactly when you can get the very best deal.


Staying Sanitary

While this is a great tip, we would like to add one more thing to this. You should also get one of those little plastic covers that go over the bristles. This will keep airborne fecal matter from getting on your toothbrush as well.

Bug Spray

You do not have to burn your whole house down just because spiders have taken a liking to it. All you have to do is spray some peppermint oil around. You really do not have to mix it up either. You can just put drops of peppermint essential oil around your home straight from its bottle.



This is a perfect summer adult hack. You will definitely be the life of the barbeque if you bring this boozy treat along.

No more tears

This is something that many of us learned back in grade school. It was a great way to keep our papers from tearing out and worked way better than those adhesive reinforcements.