How To Prevent Sexual Assault? Build An Insertable Condom With Teeth

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 11th October 2015

#1 South African doctor Sonnet Ehlers invented this mean piece of latex after a rape case she handled some 40 years ago.

It is called Rape-aXe and it designed to be used like a tampon.

#2 Only trick is this tampon like condom has teeth inside it.

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#3 If a woman is sexually assaulted the teeth in this condom lodge onto the man's penis.

Once lodged only a doctor can remove it. During this time the perpetrator cannot pee or walk straight. It however will cause no harm to the penis such as puncturing it.

#4 Dr. Sonnet has spent 40 years researching about this. In the process she sold her house and car to fund the development of the product.

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#5 She consulted with gynecologists, psychologists and engineers to come up with a good design.

It is available for $2 a piece and women can use it to locations where they feel they may not be safe.

Some have criticized the product for the sense of "vulnerability" and "enslavement" it can cause women. It also could make women more susceptible to more violence by the offender to get back at the wearer. It may not address the heart of the problem but the doctor thinks it is the best option to prevent rape in South Africa one of the world's rape capital.