I Bet You Still Haven't Explored These Magic Tricks In Your Kitchen. #7 Is Priceless!

By Muk Khatri in Facts and DIY On 30th September 2015

#1 Wondering what happens when you microwave lemons? They become…umm…lemon-ier and how!

#2 Let the wooden spoon keep your pot from boiling over. Sounds strange? Give it a shot!

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#4 Sandy mussels cleaning in 30 minutes? Soak them in water with some flour!

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#5 Salt on your cutting board and no sticky herbs on your knife anymore! Hard to believe? Try!

#6 Slam that lettuce and watch the core pop out! You will be surprised at the result on your cutting board.

#7 Want to watch garlic pol out of its peel? Microwave for 10 seconds and see what happens.

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#8 If you want a stronger method…smash those cloves. Shake them hard by pouring in a few bowls.

#9 Nap those stray eggshells with just some water on your fingers.

#10 Want the steak to cook evenly? Stop thawing it right before cooking.

#11 Clumy rice annoy you? Rinse before cooking and see the results.

#12 Leftover rice in a fresh avatar! Freeze them, sprinkle water later and microwave. Your new bowl of rice is ready!

#13 Calorie-free stew? Drop some ice in it and scoop the fat out.