I Know I'm No Brad Pitt But I Refuse To Date Ugly Women

By Haider Ali in Relationships On 30th October 2023

His approach to relationships has sparked debate, but he remains unwavering in his quest for the right match.

Although he is not attractive, it doesn't bother him.

Kevin, a 42-year-old Scottish dad who is single, stated that despite knowing he's not Brad Pitt, he won't date "ugly" women.

The machinist uses the handle @boerboelblade2 on TikTok and usually posts videos featuring Blade, his Boerboel dog.


“I’m not into ugly women,” he told The Sun. “I’m not saying I’m Brad Pitt, but I know I can pull reasonable women.”

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He said in a video posted on social media last week that he dislikes "broken boomerang bitches" and those who are too large. 

The video discussed his "icks" when it comes to dating women.

His statement in the video, "I want a woman like a rough diamond, basically," was met with probably expected criticism. 

“I’ve dated some women who are a wee bit on the heavy side that are good-looking, so I quite like that, right?” 

“As long as you’re good-looking and got a nice set of boobs, I’m interested.”

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He also said that a lady might be "good-looking" and "pretty heavy," but that "she could be a lovely blootin' lassie if she just lost a little wee' bit of weight."

Kevin continued by explaining his dislike of women he categorizes as triple "B."


“I would call these women the ‘three Bs,'” he explained.

“Broken, boomerang bitches. Why am I calling them that? Because when you throw a boomerang it comes back — no, in this case, f–k off, see ya later.”

He also expressed his disapproval of women wearing their hair up in a five-minute video, calling it a “pineapple effect.” 

He also added that he thought having sex was a “massive” aspect of any relationship.

Many viewers called him out in the TikTok video's comments area, and many couldn't believe what they were hearing.

“And that’s why you are single,” one person commented.

“That obvious misogyny will get you locked up pal,” another seconded that sentiment. “Then you’ll get all the sex you deserve.”

Kevin, however, insisted that this was only a comedy sketch in the comments area, adding, "Some home truths hahaha it's just a comedy sketch."


However, he acknowledged to The Sun that "going for the high-end appearance alone does make it harder to find someone."

The single father disclosed that while Tinder has been a "flop," he has found some luck on the dating app Plenty of Fish.

“If you do get a message from a girl I can guarantee you she will be someone that’s not that good-looking,” he explained.

Furthermore, he refuses to accept anyone who falls short of his expectations.

Despite the fact that he stopped drinking and doesn't hang out in bars, he is aware that it might be difficult for him to find the right person, but that doesn't stop him.

“But I’m just not willing to settle for second best,” he told the outlet. “I realize I could be on my own for a long time.”