'I Only Had $40 To My Name After My Divorce, Now I Earn $1,700 A Day Selling The Girlfriend Experience'

By Aleena in Life Style Published On 18th June 2023

Lucy Banks, a determined woman, found herself in a tough spot with just $40 to her name after leaving her marriage and becoming a single mom to her two kids.

Faced with the challenge of juggling a demanding corporate job and parenting, she knew something had to change.

That's when she decided to take a leap of faith and try her hand at OnlyFans, a popular subscription site known for adult content creators.


It wasn't just about the money but also about reclaiming her time and creating a better future for herself and her family.

Little did she know, this bold move would pave the way for newfound financial stability and personal growth.

"There were times when I couldn't afford my rent. There were times I had to go on payment plans to pay the school fees," she told Body+Soul.

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"I had been working in the corporate banking industry doing really long hours and I just needed to find something where I could be there for my kids when they needed me, so I asked a girlfriend who was doing OnlyFans if it was worth the hype."

In a refreshing departure from others on the adult platform, Lucy Banks opted to cater to a different market: the "girlfriend experience."


 While many users focused on selling explicit content, she recognized the need for emotional connection and companionship.

This led her to provide her clients a more intimate and personal experience.

By offering a unique service, she stood out from the crowd and found a niche that resonated with those seeking more than just explicit material.

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The girlfriend experience

"I’ve got subscribers who message me good morning, every single day,” she explained.

“And then I’ll message them back, tell them what I had for breakfast. It’s like talking to your girlfriend.

“I know my subscribers’ birthdays. I know their dogs’ names. You know, I know what their day-to-day life is like, it’s not always sexual and sending pornos and stuff.

“It really is a deeper connection. I guess they probably come to my page because they’re curious, but they stay because there’s that genuine connection.”

While Australians grapple with rising interest rates and the pinch of inflation, Lucy Banks has witnessed an extraordinary phenomenon.


Her subscriptions for authentic content have skyrocketed, defying the current financial climate. Through the platform, she now earns a jaw-dropping $1,700 per day.

What's fascinating is that despite the cost of living crisis, the demand for personalized, girl-next-door experiences hasn't waned.


It seems that even in challenging times, people are yearning for genuine connections and are willing to invest in moments that bring joy and authenticity to their lives.

“You know there is a lot of talk out there about AI, and the fact that people can get AI content so it might make real people redundant on OnlyFans,” the mother said.

“But I’ve found, if anything, demand for the personalized girlfriend experience has only increased.


“As soon as people really started feeling the pinch of these interest rate rises and the cost of living, my subscriptions skyrocketed.

“I think when people are feeling low, they want to connect with another human being and find a way to feel good. AI can’t do that.”

From polished and perfect to gritty and live

Lucy Banks has noticed a significant shift in users' preferences on the platform. The demand for personalized and custom content is on the rise, replacing the previous popularity of more explicit and taboo material.


People seem to gravitate towards a grittier and more authentic experience, valuing genuine connections and unique interactions.

This shift signifies a growing desire for real and relatable content, moving away from the polished and perfect image that was once favored.

As the landscape of adult content evolves, Banks has embraced this change and adapted her offerings to cater to this emerging trend.

“I feel like a lot of the more extreme content seems to be fading out a little bit and in its place is a softer, more connection-based relationship with a lot of creators,” she explained, adding that she does still get requests for highly individual kinks.


“Once, someone paid for custom photos of my elbows. Just my elbows. I had to flex them back and flex them forward.”

“And then another time I had someone pay for me to oil myself up, and then oil my kitchen bench up, and slide across it like a seal,” she laughed.

“That’s the most fun custom video I’ve ever done!”


Banks recognizes the shift towards personalized content and identifies the influence of the "TikTok effect" on the platform.

This effect refers to the growing preference for authentic, unpolished content and presented in real-time.

Users are seeking a more genuine and relatable experience, moving away from overly curated and perfected content.


Embracing this trend, Banks understands the value of providing content that feels raw and immediate, catering to the desire for real-time connections.

“Two, three years ago, everyone was trying to do really polished productions and have everything very professional with great lighting,” she explained.

“People don’t seem to be into that anymore. They want homemade amateurs with gritty videos, where angles don’t have to be the best but it’s a real, authentic experience.”

The TikTok teaser

Banks shares an interesting insight into the "TikTok effect" and how it influences content on the platform.

She highlights a growing trend where creators tease real-time content on TikTok, providing a sneak peek of what can be found on OnlyFans.

This strategy aims to generate curiosity and anticipation among viewers, enticing them to explore the more exclusive and personalized content behind the paywall.


By leveraging the power of teasers, creators like Banks tap into the audience's interest and drive them to seek deeper connections and experiences.

It's a clever approach that navigates the evolving content landscape while engaging fans in an accessible and interactive way.

“I’ve got girlfriends who’ll go live on TikTok, and say ‘OK, I’m gonna go out to a bar, I’m gonna pick up a guy and then put it all up on TikTok,” she claimed.

“And then they’ll go home and they’ll film with the guy and they’ll put that on OnlyFans. So there’s that follow-through.

“They do very, very well from it, and especially in the last six months, that kind of thing has just boomed.”

Banks still works long hours these days, but it’s all from home, “a lot of the time, from my bed”.


Plus, things have changed significantly from those months after leaving her marriage with barely anything to her name.

“We live in a beautiful house, and I own multiple properties, all from OnlyFans,” she concluded.

“The kids are both in private schools, they both go to the best specialists. And that’s what I wanted. I just wanted stability.”