I Thought She Was Crazy For Mixing Blue Kool-Aid With Conditioner. Minutes Later? INCREDIBLE

By Suzanne in Fashion On 16th October 2015

#1 Want to Look Like This?

She stands out for the right reasons, and if you want this easy-to-create look then continue on, you will not believe how simple it is!

#2 Use two or three Kool-Aid packets, the color can be your choosing

However, you should REALLY be able to envision this flavor's color saturating your follicles.

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#4 Pour the Kool-Aid packet into a cup of water that has been heated in the microwave

For this you will need a microwave safe container, as well as another container to hold the conditioner.

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#5 Pour a small amount of conditioner into a bowl, and pour the water/Kool-Aid combo in as well

You should be conservative with the amount of conditioner, as you can add more and more to get your desired shade.

#6 Apply and Enjoy!

Now the dye is ready, apply and hope that it is everything you envisioned!

#7 Watch the Video

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