If You Are Not Snappy At Comebacks, These Clever Insults Will Help Up Your Game

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 16th June 2018

Coming up with a snappy comeback or insult is not always easy to do especially if sarcasm does not come easily to you. Most of the time, you probably think of the perfect thing that you could have said hours after your opportunity to say it. We put together some great insults that you can memorize and keep in your mental arsenal for years to come. The best part is that they all make great insults for any given situation. Enjoy!


The Horror!

This is every person's worst nightmare. We don't know a single person who enjoys sleeping on a warm pillow. Every one of us flips our pillow so we can lay on the cooler side. Now, imagine if you could not do that. That would totally suck.


The Worst Feeling, Ever

There is nothing worse than stepping in a puddle or perhaps pet pee after you just put on a pair of clean socks. It can totally ruin your entire day.


Darn Ads

You know that feeling when you are reading a great article and go to click on the next page and an ad pops up instead because the page jumped since it was still loading? It can ruin the entire experience of reading the article and quite possibly ruin your entire day.


There is nothing that can disappoint a person more than hoping to enjoy some milk and cookies only to find out your cookie is too big to dip in the cup. Sure, you could break the cookie in half, but who really wants to do that?


Sucks To Be You

Anyone who has had this happen to them is truly thankful for the invention of Bluetooth. Not only did having this happen suck because it yanks on your ears, but you also have a mini heart attack thinking your computer is going to fall over.

The Pain Is Real

This is just cruel. Not only is this very uncomfortable, but it can also be quite painful, especially if the seam is wrapped around your toes for any period of time.


Oh, The Disappointment!

This tends to happen on busy shopping weekends. You drive down an aisle and think you finally see an open parking spot up close, but as you drive closer, you suddenly realize that there is either a super compact car already parked there or a motorcycle. The disappointment is horrible.



If you have pets, this is a reality that happens quite often. They tend to find a way to unplug your devices while you sleep so that you wake up utterly disappointed and unable to function properly without fully charged laptops, tablets, and phones.

Think You Are Popular?

Have you ever written a post that you thought was totally epic? You just know the next time you log into your social media accounts that they will have a ton of notifications. You feel like a real loser when you find out they are all game requests.



This goes the same way with coffee. Nothing is better than the anticipation of a hot cup of coffee or tea, especially first thing in the morning. Usually, you have to wait until they cool down before drinking, but when you totally forget your cooling drink before it is too cold to drink and enjoy, it can ruin your entire day.

It Was The Chair, I Swear

This is probably one of the most messed up things you can wish on someone. It is utterly embarrassing when it happens and is only made worse by trying to recreate the sound and making a fool of yourself in the process.


Closing The Door

Moms are so good for this. The door was closed before they came in. Why can't they just shut it back all the way when they leave? After all, she is the one always telling you to put things back the way you got them.

Public Restrooms

The only thing worse than having to actually use a public restroom is getting stuck in a stall that does not latch closed. Then, you have to balance hovering over the toilet while using your foot to keep the door closed all of the way.


Sinking Spoon

When your spoon sinks below the surface of your soup, your entire meal can be ruined. The only thing worse than this is when your mixing spoon falls into whatever you are cooking, and you are forced to fish it out without burning yourself.

Anything But That

When you get your hopes up to enjoy a good chocolate chip cookie and find out that it is a raisin cookie instead, it can be very disappointing. Who decided that putting raisins in cookies was a good idea anyway?