If You Have A Double Chin, These Simple Exercises Will Get Rid Of It FAST

By Michael Avery in Health and Fitness On 9th October 2015


We have a lot to thank technology for; from the beginnings of the telephone, air travel and more, we benefit in some way from it all.

But one pretty unsightly side effect that's becoming more common as time goes on is known as ‘Tech Neck'. This unfortunate byproduct of technology is actually thanks in part to cell phones and laptops our constant use keeps our heads pointed down. This creates an artificial double chin that many doctors and dermatologists are finding more prevalent as time goes on.

Double chins have generally been a problem found in the obese and the elderly; but now, thanks to tech neck, they're seeing perfectly healthy and active 18-year-olds with the sagging skin. In order to prevent this, especially if you're an avid smartphone user, these simple exercises will ensure your skin stays as healthy as you are!